The World of Haven

Haven is a very small plane of existence, enigmatically out of touch with the rest of the cosmos. It is roughly five hundred miles in circumference (roughly the size of Montana), and cylindrical in shape. Unlike the true natural world, it has no contact with the Feywild or the Shadowfell; indeed it has no contact with other planes whatsoever and is largely unaware of their existence except as dim legends of the ancient past. Its features are fairly simple, most of the plane is either rolling fields or austere desert, with a warm savannah in the northeast and a large ocean in the south. In the northwest is a mostly untouched forest, and south of the a river-ridden swamp. The mainland is dominated by the human kingdom of Haven, ruled by King Obrylanth for as long as anyone can recall (few records are kept, but people remember their great grandparents talking about their great-grandparents swearing fealty to him), and it is largely peaceful. The King’s Palace is in the port city of Haven, the largest and most prosperous city in the world. Other notable cities are Clifftown, where many of the world’s tieflings make choose to make their home; and Tillton, a rugged frontier town that is the center of northern expansion. Smaller towns exist as well, such as Lumburg, source of much of Haven’s supplies of lumber.

Haven’s political reach extends over the entire world, with a few notable exceptions:
The Vastgaard Forest is home to the elves, who are ruled by a council of primal elders called the Ejalitir (literally: Blightfoes). The Ejalitir are permitted to rule their forest however they like (though the necessity of this permission chafes them) under the condition they provide a vanguard defense against the goblinkin who make their home in the mountains to the north.
South of the Vastgaard lay the Halls of the River King, a thick swamp filled with twisting waterways and secret paths. They are named for the ruler of the halfling tribes who makes his home here. Nonetheless the halflings are a people driven by wanderlust, and they can be found anywhere in the world. No matter their location though, all respect the edicts of the River King, few though they may be. The current River King is named Jaa Foohr, and he and his Riverlords rule the waterways, though they seldom seek umbrage with Haven.
In the southeastern reaches of the Oceansea lies the jungle island of Rannadir, known to humans as Summerhold. It is home to Menrannadir (Summerhold Bay), wondrous city of the Eladrin and home to the Seaspire, premier college of arcane academia. The Eladrin’s numbers are very few, and in return for trade and aid in protecting their interests from Sahuagin invasion, the fey allow the humans and other races to study with them. The Eladrin’s leader is the archfey Tiandra, Queen of Summer, though she is rather lackadaisical in her rule.
To the far north is the dwarfhome, Medh-Vukar (Thousandblade Falls), a mighty keep. Very few dwarves ever leave their ancestral home, and even fewer nondwarves enter. It is rumored that within its depths is untold wealth, an idea evidenced by the rich tithe of gems given to Haven every year.
The great Scythewind Desert was once a strong empire ruled by the Dragonborn from their capital of Salkorda. It was cast down by the Queen of Summer when Haven was but a fledgling, transformed into a wasteland of bitter swirling sands. Now the Dragonborn roam the wastes and the world, selling themselves as mercenaries to fund excavations of their ruined cities.
The Doomshadow Range separates the Deadblood Savannah from the rest of the world. This is for the best, as the savannah is mostly inhabited by tribes of ferocious gnolls, though there are a few rival tribes of other sentient humanoids. It is a harsh and unforgiving land, stained with the sins of its past.

In addition to these geographical and political powers, the religion of Haven is unique. The gods stopped communicating with the demiplane long ago, and as a result people began to worship the entities they could see performing in the world: the angels. The Seraphim Order are the spiritual guides of Haven, seeking to exemplify the ideals they have observed angels possessing: Authority, Battle, Protection, Supremacy, Valor, and Vengeance.
Some people do still worship the old gods, but they are greatly in the minority and considered a little bit strange. The Seraphim try to discredit them at every turn. The gods do not complain.

Your characters belong to the Talonguard, who directly serve the mysterious and immortal King Obrylanth. Each of you have worked for the King for some time, occasionally working in small groups but mostly working alone. The one thing that you all have in common is proven loyalty to the king. You can count on one hand the number of times you have seen the king in person, and most often your orders are passed down through other members of the court.

Character Creation Rules

Create a 9th level character. It is our goal to make it to level 11 over the course of three adventures, so please choose a paragon path as well and place it in notes for now.
Everything published in any Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition book (or D&D Insider Magazine) is allowed. The exception to this are races outside the Player’s Handbook 1 (other than Half-Orcs and Goliaths, which are allowed); and any class using the Shadow or Psionic powers sources; neither of these things are permitted due to setting restrictions. Some classes and paragon paths may be more difficult to justify than others, the latter are subject to individual discretion.
For equipment, take one level 10 magic item, one level 9 magic item, and two level 8 or lower magic items. You also begin with 3,400 gold pieces which you can spend on whatever you like, including but not limited to more magic items.
One character of evil alignment is permitted as long as you can explain to me why they will be able to work alongside the good characters. Two unaligned characters are allowed. Three characters must be good or lawful good.

Answer the following questions about your character:

How would others describe your character’s physical appearance?

What is your character’s primary motivation?
Why did your character become an adventurer?
How did your character prove their loyalty to the King?
What is your character’s greatest strength?
What is your character’s greatest weakness?
Is your character religious? If so, do they worship the Seraphim, the Old Gods, or something else?
What region of Haven is your character from?
Does your character have a family?
Does your character have any prejudices?
What are you character’s favorite and least favorite things?
What does your character do to relax?
What reward would you character most want to receive?
Who is your character’s closest friend?
What does your character truly think of the King?
What would your character’s ideal lover be like?
What would your character’s ultimate enemy be like?
How do you see your character dying?


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